Call for Temple Crew

Open Call for Temple Crew

“While the Temple is something that does reflect the mad masquerade and joy of our community, it does so with sacredness, solemnity, a sense of remembrance, grief and renewal. It is that contrast that helps to define our community as anything but one dimensional.”

We would like to invite a Temple crew, dedicated to not just building a large scale art project, but to fulfill a civic need as caretakers of that venerable space. We will support you through a special, dedicated art grant to cover building costs, food from the Kiez Volunteer kitchen during build, knowledge and tools from production, transport support, and more. Please contact us if you agree that a Temple should be at Kiez Burn this year, and you think you are the right person to help make it a reality.

Please register your interest by filling out the short Art Ideas Submission form and select “Temple”.


Art Grants Ideas Form


The Temple delineates the profane or mundane from the sacred and that juxtaposition provides a framework for Kiez Burn to have a deeper significance than if it were just a festival in Germany