Location & Transportation 2019

The event will take place around summer solstice at the beautiful site of Kulturgut Freiland, about 2hrs north of Berlin.

Google maps link to share: https://goo.gl/maps/fY3GXL1frYF2

Detailed location info

For more details or if you have any questions, you can get involved on Talk

Transport information

Shuttle bus

For this years Kiez burn we will be offering 4 buses each way from Berlin Südkreuz to Kiez burn and the return Journey. Please note the buses will leave from Berlin Sudkreuz near the bus stop on Ballonfahrerweg as shown in the pictures below. Please arrive earlier / on time for you chosen bus to avoid any issues! And the same in Build bus

Regarding baggage limits for the bus we think it’s reasonable to allow for one bag of clothing / essentials, camping / sleeping items and food / drink. There is limited space in the bus hold sections so extra large items may cause issues with space. We want to see the buses leave smoothly please don’t over pack

The following bus dates & times have been allocated

Wednesday 19th June Berlin Südkreuz to Kiez burn

10am x 2 buses
1pm x 1 bus
6pm x 1 bus

Sunday 23rd June Kiez burn to Berlin Südkreuz

4pm x 1 bus
5pm x 1 bus
6pm x 1 bus

Monday 24th June Kiez burn to Berlin Südkreuz

1pm x 1 bus

Build Bus

We have arranged a build bus for Saturday 15th June 9am from Berlin Südkreuz to site which can be bought via the ticket section at burner tickets.

Please note the buses will leave from Berlin Sudkreuz near the bus stop on Ballonfahrerweg as shown in the pictures above. Please arrive earlier / on time for you chosen bus to avoid any issues! 


There are hourly RE5 trains leaving from Berlin Südkreuz/Hauptbahnhof/Gesundbrunnen which take around 2hrs 15 mins to get to the area. You have 2 options:

  • Sternfeld – the closest station at 7km distance. Tiny & in the middle of nowhere – Only use when taking a bike or getting picked up!
  • Demmin – this is the closest town, and if you need a shuttle to take you to the site this is your option:
    • Local taxi company Taxi Albrecht from Demmin runs a shuttle service with 2-3 Großraumtaxis (8 People per taxi) to/from site at the fixed price of 28€ per taxi one way – that makes 3,50 per person in a full taxi.
    • They will be at the Demmin train station when the trains arrive from Berlin or from the other direction (Greifswald) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. Saturday on demand.
    • On Sunday they will come to the site on demand and shuttle back to the Demmin station.
    • You can call Taxi Albrecht to confirm/arrange on +49 172 9429569‬.


Driving from Berlin takes a little over 2hrs. We will have lots of free parking available on site.

Campervans and vehicles on Site (deliveries too)

Only some camper vans, art cars and production vehicles are allowed on-site during the burn (Wednesday 10:00 – Sunday 12:00).


Just fill out this Google Form by Sunday, June 2nd:


We will sort it out within the week after that and email you your permit. Bring the permit to the event and have it visible on your vehicle!

There will be no entry during the event without a parking permit!

Please note: Once your car is onsite after the start of the event (Wednesday 10:00AM) it will have to stay there until Sunday. We cannot guarantee a spot on-site for everyone and the rest will have to stay in the parking lot just outside the gate. Parking off-site doesn’t require a permit and no permit needed for the build and strike either.

Deliveries during the event:

Fill out the permit form with an estimated date/time and a contact person. The vehicle will be accompanied by Wonderers to its destination. If this for some reason is not possible, please be prepared to pick up your deliveries at the gate.