Kiez Burn e.V. – Association

Kiez Burn e.V. is an official German Verein, aka “Eingetragener Verein“. This enables the community to operate in a legal way and also structures the democratic processes that govern how we do things. The below is an introduction to our structure, but only the statutes/Satzung is legally binding & complete.

Purpose of the Verein

Excerpt from the (German) Satzung (see below):

Purpose of the association is the promotion of art and culture. The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular by:

  • Organization of artistic events such as exhibitions, performances,
    Concerts, self-experience or artist workshops.
  • Granting of grants and grants for the preparation, presentation, presentation, storage and conservation of works of art or projects of literature, music and other cultural expressions, regardless of whether they are material or digital. The scholarships are open to the public, tenders and procurement directives are appropriately published.
  • Hire or operate workshops, studios, events and showrooms and depots, maintenance of art collections.
  • Organization of information events, publications and corresponding Internet activity.
  • Training, instruction and exchange of experiences of artists, musicians, cultural workers and interested people.
  • Establishing contacts with other artists, musicians, artists and artists
    Communities of same.

What happens in the Verein?

Mitgliederversammlung (General Assembly of members):

The general assembly of members is the democratic body of the Verein and the highest authority within the Verein. In that general assembly decisions are taken on:

  • Election of the board, “Kassenprüfer”
  • Discharge of the board
  • Changes in the membership fees
  • Changes in the “Satzung” (=statutes)
  • etc. (see Satung below for full list)

The Mitgliederversammlung meets every last quarter of the year to elect a new board and discuss&vote on any topics outstanding.

A special general members assembly can be called by the board with a minimum of 14 days notice beforehand. It can also be called when a minimum of 1/4th of the members or a minimum of 15 members request this via email or post.

Every member has one vote. In case someone cannot attend, they can also give it to a proxy. That proxy cannot represent more than 3 votes, the proxy included. A simple majority suffices, except for statute changes, then a 2/3rd majority is needed.

The Kiez Burn Board:

The board is a group of 2-7 people who run the Verein in name of the members. Only members can become part of the board.

The current board members:

  • Bryony Hannah Orr
  • Alex Cuthbertson
  • Alejandro Perreda Rosales
  • Veronica Rodriquez Sala
  • Cristina Maria Olano Isasi
  • Mereike Ficht
  • Jan-Christian Kaspareit

A Board of advisors are yet to be nominated and defined.

Why become a member?

The main reason people would become a member is to gain a vote in how the association works. You will be invited to join the yearly general assembly for members of the Verein and other events when called for. You will get to decide who sits on the board and what topics should get more attention.

If you want to become a member click here.

After registration, payment & approval of the e.V. board, you will be notified you have become a member of the e.V.

Our Satzung / Statutes:



(Changes to) The Bylaws to the association are agreed during the general assembly. These can be discussed (only for e.V. members) here.

The only thing it contains right now, is the decision regarding the Kiez Burn principles: