How we co-create

Kiez Burn is organized by a community of volunteers, and supported by a legal entity called Kiez Burn e.V. We use a model called Consensual Doocracy to organise ourselves. 

To support Consensual Doocracy process, we use three platforms, which enable decentralised participation, decision making, and cooperation.

Dreams: Art grants

For our main Kiez Burn event, we use the Dreams platform to help us decide how much money to invest in art projects and how much projects are allocated.

Dreams is the art, performances, workshops, and experiences that Dreamers (the artists) wish to create and bring to the burn. Dreamers who need a grant and community help to bring their Dream to life can apply for funding, which comes from ticket sales. 

Everyone who buys a ticket can allocate 10 “tokens” to their favorite Dreams. The voting process opens 4 weeks before the event and ticket holders determine which Dreams will be allocated funding.

Talk: Community decision making

Talk is our Communication & Decision-making channel. It enables transparency, participation, and co-creation. 

On Talk, you can open threads and follow relevant discussions, make announcements, create polls, propose initiatives, and evolve your ideas. We are not a democracy! 

Polls are a good way to get people involved + get feedback, but it is not a popularity contest.

The goal is to gather intelligence and experience so as to make a better collective decision that reflects the community.

Don’t be shy and participate on Talk.

Realities:  Responsibility manager & Volunteer signup

We use this platform to list all needs for the event to happen. We map tasks that allow volunteers to see where they can contribute, see the descriptions of the tasks, and also, sign up for lead and co-lead roles on pre-event and on-site roles. When you are a lead or co-lead you are called a Realizer.

For more in-depth about Realities visit this thread