Eleven Kiez Burn Principles

Our Principles


Participate, don’t spectate – Kiez Burn happens only when you get involved.

Everything at Kiez Burn is run by volunteers – that means YOU. Doing shifts to run the Gate or welcoming people as a Greeter, keeping our community safe as a Ranger or feeding volunteers in our kitchen is a great way to be apart of the Burn and meet others.

We have many volunteer positions that take place before, during and after the event. Join us on Talk!


Be free to be yourself.

We encourage everyone to express themselves openly. We strive to create a safe and free environment for you to do so. Please keep others in mind when choosing how to express yourself (e.g., consent), as others have rights as well.

Self- Reliance

You are responsible for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

You are responsible for:

  • All your own food, first aid, health, hygiene and other needs
  • All the materials you require for your campsite, Kiez, projects, etc
  • Your own adequate medical coverage
  • Leaving no trace, so bring rubbish containers and bags, plus a plan for taking your trash with you when you leave the site

No Commerce

There is nothing to buy or sell here folks!

There will be no money circulation at Kiez Burn, and no shops or stalls to buy anything, including food. Plan adequately before arriving on site.

Leave No Trace

Whatever you bring into Kiez Burn, you are responsible for removing it when you leave.

Everything you bring onto the site has the potential to become Matter Out of Place (MOOP): Costumes, cigarette butts, water bottles, glass containers, hats, fruit, rope fibers – everything can become MOOP. Every person and every Kiez is responsible for their rubbish.

There are several garbage and recycling facilities located in Cottbus, a short drive from Kiez Burn.

Grey water, known as waste water, may be disposed on site, but not in the woods.

There are no hook-ups for camper vans, and no dumping may be done on site.

Each Kiez must have an LNT lead, who will give guidance on how to deal with greywater, sort recycling or safely dispose of rubbish. There will be daily MOOP sweeps where everyone will collectively help clean the site and keep their Kieze clean. The survival and future of our events are dependent on our ability to leave no trace.

NEVER LET MOOP HIT THE GROUND. Clean as you go. MOOP attracts more MOOP. When you see trash on the ground, pick it up and take it with you.

  • Carry a MOOP bag. Wherever you go, carry a small bag to collect any MOOP you find.
  • Weigh items down/don’t let them blow away
  • If you’re a smoker, carry a portable ashtray such as a mint tin with you at all time. Never, ever drop butts.
  • Ask permission before using a Kiez refuse area if you are not camping with them. Some Kiez will only be able to deal with their own camper’s refuse
  • NEVER BURN TRASH! Take your waste with you when you leave


We value cooperation and collaboration. We are a community that looks out for one another.


Everyone is welcome to Kiez Burn.

While we strive to make Kiez Burn inclusive for all – including children! However, our event is adult-oriented and Kiez Burn does not determine what is appropriate for your children (that’s up to you). If you have hesitations about bringing your child, we suggest come come alone first and see if this is an event you would enjoy together. All children 17 years and under must be accompanied by their legal guardian to our event.

Kiez Burn has a NO PETS POLICY. Pets are not allowed to be onsite pre-event, event-time or post-event. We love your fur baby, but not everyone does. Registered service animals are welcome. Please contact production@kiezburn.org to let us know you are bringing a service animal and we will pass the information to Gate.


We freely give your time, energy and gifts to the community.


We are stronger together.


The time is here and now, make it count.


Respect the liberties of your fellow human beings.

Our community values respect for all of the individuals who create it. We honor the diversity of our community by respecting the boundaries of our fellow participants and obtaining enthusiastic consent for all of our interactions. We believe only YES means YES. Personal and camp boundaries must be respected at all times.


Respect photographic boundaries! Not everyone wants to have every moment captured and immortalised on film! Ask before taking any photos & video! You must also confirm permission to use the photo/video as you so wish, e.g. publish on a blog or video-sharing-platform.
No photos or videos may be used for commercial purposes. If you have questions, please contact production@kiezburn.org.