Workshops, Performances and DJs

Reach forever fame & glory and make it in the Kiez Burn program
booklet, distributed to everyone at Kiez Burn at the gate! (or get help with finding an übercool performance location)

Workshops & Performances

Do you have a talent, skill, craft or joyful expression you’d like to share with fellow Burners? The Kiez Burn Event team wants to hear from YOU!

Calling all teachers, jugglers, crafters, Imaginaires… want to host an open mic? Are you skilled in the art of play fighting? Can you show us how to make a flogger from a bike tube, or create sock puppets to put on a show?

If the camps are the lifeblood of Kiez Burn, then the workshops, performances and events are the sweet summer songs… share YOUR song with as many folks as possible by filling out the google form to register your event here:

Event Registration Form

Deadline: May 20th
To Be Featured In THE Kiez Burn 2019 Booklet!

The Kiez Burn 2019 Program booklet – distributed at the gate for all to have and share

The registrations will be used to connect you with the kieze (camps), to find the perfect space for your project and to get you into the printed Kiez Burn 2019 program!

We cannot wait to see what you dream up!

Got questions? Join the discussion on Talk:

Or send us an email at!

DJs & Live Acts

The Music Applications Form is now live! 

Music Application Form

Deadline: May 20th

Do you live to spin some groovy tunes and want to give the gift of music for Kiez Burn 2019? Then you are in the right place! Take a few moments to tell us what type of music you like to play, and we will put you in contact with Sound Kieze (Camp) Leads – they will get in touch to work out a schedule for you to play!

If you have questions reach out to and we will support you!

*Note: Kiez Burn does not organize sound systems, all music will be hosted through the Kieze , like last year.