What is Welfare?

Welfare is a safe place. It’s an allocated space to psychologically support people who need assistance. If you or your friend needs help, you will find a warm place with blankets, tea, and smiling faces.


Does welfare provide professional aid?

No. We are lucky to have professionals in the mental health field to assist on site but they are participants and not professionals. Other volunteers at welfare have some prior training.


Who organises welfare?

This is a community initiative to help to create a safe space at our event. There is a Welfare Lead who will roll out a plan, and all that will be available at the welfare tent to offer a nice atmosphere to chill and retire for a while.


Can I socialise and chill out at the welfare tent?

Yes, you can, however, make sure that you hold space with those that are there to have a moment of peace.


Is welfare “open” 24 hours?

Yes, you can swing by any moment you want and 2 kind humans will welcome you with some tea, a chat, or simply the silence you need.


Can I volunteer at Welfare?

Yes, sign up for shifts in the volunteer sheet. Registrations for shifts open soon.