🙋 Volunteering Pre-event

How do I signup to participate organising the event?

There are a variety of roles available. Leads, co-leads, and helpers. If you wish to lead or co-lead something, you must log in to Realities and fill in your name on any of the roles listed. Regular volunteers on site will be directed by the leads at a later point. Stay tuned.
It’s important to get involved and join our communication platform Talk.


Will someone train me to perform my role?

Yes and No, Kiez Burn keeps all the learnings from past events, information that is accessible to you, plus the leads from previous years (Guides) can help you to get onboard. There is no such thing as training, but we are all there for each other. You are welcome to participate regardless of your experience and background.


Where do I find open roles?

Open roles are listed on Realities, everything highlighted with red dots has responsibilities within that category that are free to take.


Can I participate pre-event if I am a complete newbie and have no experience?

Yes! Join meetings, step up and learn on-the-role. This is how Kiez Burn works; basically a bunch of people not really knowing what they do, improvising and making mistakes too! We need you, really…


Do I get a free ticket or any extra benefits if I participate pre-event?

No. All participants pay for their tickets. At Kiez Burn no one gets paid nor gets any benefit but the great experience of taking part in the event and all the year-round activities.


Can I volunteer remotely?

Hell yes! Join the Robot Ministry for tech stuff or any other pre-event roles on Realities Platform, many of them are almost 100% online, no need to be based in Berlin.


🙋 Volunteering during the event

Do I need to have specific skills?

No dear, we welcome anyone willing to help. Volunteering onsite only requires showing up at a specific time, depending on the shift you take, it might require some physical effort. If you signup for a shift, you must show up sober and remain sober for the length of your shift.


What is Build?

Build is 1-5 days prior to the event where all structures are built up. Camps build their camps and the Orga makes all installations like power water, toilets etc. If you join a camp and want to participate in building it up, then you must coordinate that with your own camp. But if you wanna take part in the Orga Build, the signup period will start upon ticket sales. You must have a ticket and of course, be onsite before the event starts.


What is Strike?

Strike is the 1-3 days after the event where all structures are taken down, as well as Build, you can take part by striking your own camp or striking the Kiez Burn structures, this is a highly important role, we cant leave the site until we take down everything. The signup period starts right upon ticket sales, you must have a ticket and of course, be onsite after the event ends.


Will I need insurance to come on-site?

Yes. Please make sure you have it, otherwise, you will not be allowed on-site for the build.


How do I find available shifts?

This information is not yet available.


Will someone train me?

Please, do not worry about that!


Do volunteers get any swag?

Nope, but If you volunteer for Kiez Burn Build or Strike you will get meals and be fluffed with beers and fresh drinks! Woohoo!!


What will happens if I don’t show up for my shift?

You will be flogged with stinging nettles in the gallows.


What if I don’t know what I’m doing?

That’s most of us, darling!