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How can I get to Kiez Burn?

You can get to Kiez Burn site in a variety of ways. Bus, train, car. More information is available in the transport Talk thread.


How do I get a parking permit?

Please register your car BEFORE ARRIVING ON SITE HERE. Registrations for vehicles will be available closer to the event.


How much are bus tickets?

Information coming soon.


Can I drive to Kiez Burn?

Driving from Berlin takes a little over 2hrs. We will have lots of free parking available on-site.


Is there a car park?

Yes, there is a car park. You will need to purchase a parking permit BEFORE ARRIVING. Announcements will come out via newsletter, telegram channel, and social media.


Deliveries during the event

Please be prepared to pick up your deliveries at the gate. If you absolutely need to have something delivered to the site by car, please get in touch with


Can I sleep in my car?

You can sleep wherever you want.


Can I bring my Campervan?

Yes. More information coming soon.


Where can I find train information?

There are hourly RE5 trains leaving from Berlin Südkreuz/Hauptbahnhof/Gesundbrunnen which take around 2hrs 15 mins to get to the area. You have 2 options:

  • Sternfeld – the closest station at 7km distance. Tiny & in the middle of nowhere – Only use when taking a bike or getting picked up.
  • Demmin – this is the closest town, and if you need a shuttle to take you to the site this is your option:
    Local taxi company Taxi Albrecht from Demmin runs a shuttle service with 2-3 Großraumtaxis (8 People per taxi) to/from site at the fixed price of 28€ per taxi one way – that makes 3,50 per person in a full taxi.
    They will be at the Demmin train station when the trains arrive from Berlin or from the other direction (Greifswald) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons. Saturday on demand.
    On Sunday they will come to the site on demand and shuttle back to the Demmin station. You can call Taxi Albrecht to confirm/arrange on +49 172 9429569‬.