we are sold out, people! As good as the news are, and excited as we are, we want to recommend those of you who do not have a ticket, and those of you who cannot go to the Facebook Ticket Bazaar group where you will be able to talk and transfer tickets between each other.

Ticket bazaar.

For more questions regarding ticket transfers please check the FAQ or contact us via

Ticket Types


  • Ticket Sales on a “first come, first served” basis will be starting from 1pm on Fri 5 April. Tickets will cost 80€ and are sold via like last year.
  • The standard ticket, meant for everyone 18+. One ticket per purchase. Must provide full legal name on purchase, that matches a government issued ID.

Low income

  • TLDR: Low income tickets are 40€ and you can apply until Wed 3 April 8pm. Meaning, applications are closed.
  • In accordance with the principle of Inclusion, the Kiez Burn Org. wants to give everyone the opportunity to join, participate and contribute to the burn, even if you are in a financially difficult situation. Berlin is a city with a relatively high unemployment rate (9.6% in 2016) and there are many people who have additional complications: Anmeldungen gone wrong, refugees, no work contracts, etc… These are just a few of the qualifying criteria and circumstances we will take into account for those applying for Low Income tickets.

The Ticketing Team will review all applications and award the tickets in the most unbiased and just way we can. Since we are a young event, we want and need the collaboration of everyone in our community (as a volunteer, as a Kiez, as an artist, etc..), and your plan for participation is something that can also support your application.

Low income applications are extended and can be sent till Wed 3 April 8pm. On Thu 4 April you will be informed by the ticketing team on the outcome of your application. Low income tickets are sold at a reduced price of 40€ (less than half than the regular price).

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on and we’ll gladly answer.

Tickets 2019: changes and thoughts

WAHOO! We are so excited you want to participate in Kiez Burn 2019!

After reviewing our process and your feedback from last year, we have decided not to continue with the lottery this time around. Despite it being fair, anonymous and do-ocratic, it generated a lot of work for us, for, and gave some of you a hard time.

This year we will have a “first come, first served” approach, one ticket per person.

Every participant attending Kiez Burn will need to create a Burner Ticket profile on in order to be able to buy a ticket when they become online, regardless of ticket type.

Kids (0 – 17) are welcome, and can join for free. However, we require a legal guardian. If you are a parent/guardian, when purchasing your ticket, you’ll be able to add a kid ticket (for free), as many as you need.