When can I buy a ticket?

It’s too early to buy tickets at the moment but you will be able to buy them using the link in the Kiez Burn Newsletter from Monday 7th June.


How do tickets work this year?

We will have a first come first serve approach this year. All available tickets will go and out in one wave. Normally we would do a lottery in waves which is unfortunately not possible this time given time and the crazy world around us.

If you are a member of Kiez Burn eV we will send you a link with a directed ticket. You don’t need to go through the normal process.


Are there low income tickets?

The low income ticket program is now closed. Low Income Ticket application results have been announced. If you requested one, you should have a link in your email.

We are currently assessing how to support the low income program, in case PCR tests are a requirement to come to the event. We will keep you posted.

The general ticket sale might sell out while the low income ticket program is running. Means, you might hear back from us that we cant accept your application for the low income program and will not be able to purchase a ticket through the normal sale.


What is the cost of a ticket?

This year tickets are 80 euros. Kids under 18 are free. When on-selling a ticket, it’s a complete NO GO to charge another community member a price higher than 80,- Euro! Such an attempt must be reported and the wrongdoer will be risking a ban from Kiez Burn.


What does my ticket price cover?

Entrance to the event, your insurance while you are on-site, and toilet paper. You must fend for yourself with everything else while you are there.


So if I buy a ticket, you’ll provide me with the best party I’ve ever been to?

That is subjective. You get the burn you need, not the burn you want. One of Kiez Burns’s central principles is Participation. Everyone who comes is expected to contribute in some way. Sitting at the sidelines watching and expecting people to entertain you is not in the spirit of Kiez Burn.


Tickets have sold out? Can I still get a ticket?

We have a ticket Bazaar that is a forum for people to purchase tickets that are no longer needed. Tickets must be sold at the original price. Please report any tickets being sold above price to


Is my ticket personal?

Yes, they are tied to your profile and your real name. You must show a legal ID (national ID card or passport) at the gate, and the name in it must be the same as on your ticket.


Can I transfer my ticket?

Yes, you can – The transfer happens on Just click on “My Events / Transfers” on and send it to your friend (who also needs to have a profile on We will publish more details after the lottery has closed and once transfers are opened. Tickets are personal, and you will need a valid ID at the gate that matches the name on the ticket. Ticket transfer will be possible until 1 week before the event.


How do I transfer a ticket to someone else?

After you have sold your ticket at the original price, follow these simple steps to initiate a transfer:

  • Go to and sign in to the same account you purchased your ticket on.
  • Click “My Events / Transfers” on the top menu.
  • For the ticket, you wish to transfer, click the “Transfer” button.
  • Type the email address (twice) of the user you wish to transfer your ticket to. They need to have registered a BurnerTickets profile using this email address.
  • You are done! The user you wish to transfer to will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the membership. You can cancel an active transfer at any time before it is accepted on your “My Events” page.

NOTE: We are not responsible if you type the wrong email address in this field. Once a user has accepted a ticket from a transfer, the transaction is considered final. You are responsible for handling any financial transaction related to the transfer. If we discover you have sold your ticket for more than the price it was purchased for (scalping), we reserve the right to ban you from purchasing for future events. If we discover it before a transaction is made, we reserve the right to void your ticket.


How do I accept a ticket getting transferred to me?

Once a ticket holder has initiated a transfer, you will receive an email with further instructions. You will be prompted to log in, and then the transfer process will ask for your first and last name. Make sure that the name you enter matches your government-issued identification!

Note: if we already have your name on file this will be automatically populated. Changing the name here will change the name on your entire profile, and anything attached to your profile.


Until when can I transfer tickets?

Tickets are transferable 10 August 2021 11:59:59 am CET. No further name changes will be available, and anyone trying to sell one will be considered as committing fraud.


Can I transfer my low-income ticket?

We use an application & assessment process for low-income tickets to ensure they go to the members of our community that are most in need of a discount. This is why it is not possible for low-income tickets to be resold & transferred privately.
Instead, we offer low-income ticket holders the option to receive a refund, should they not be able to come. Please contact us at to arrange for a refund. We will ensure that the refunded ticket is redistributed fairly.


I didn’t receive my transfer email!

If you have not received your email within 1 hour of a transfer being initiated, please check your spam folder. If you still have trouble, contact In your email, please include the event name, and the email address that should be receiving the transfer.
Please be aware that Microsoft email (,, or and associated emails frequently do not handle burner tickets emails (not even spam folders), so please avoid using them.


Why do I need to register a BurnerTickets profile?

Every person who is 18 years and older. If you plan to bring your friend, family member, or unicorn they have to register their own profiles! Kids under 18 also require a ticket, which can be obtained for free during the ticket purchase of their legal guardian.


How can I pay for my ticket?

We offer 2 payment methods: Credit Card and PayPal. Using PayPal it’s up to you to decide how you put money into your PayPal account – e.g. via bank transfer.

Please note that you need to either have a credit card available or set up a PayPal account to be able to purchase your ticket(s). For PayPal please note that you will either need to have your bank account or a credit card connected with your account, or use put money into the account in order to purchase your ticket(s).


I registered an account with but I can’t find any emails?

If you have a Microsoft email (,, or, all of the emails sent from will end up in your Spam folder 100% of the time. Other email accounts will do that on occasion too. Please check it regularly, as this will include all emails (including the “yay, you’ve won the lottery!” email).
There is also the possibility that Microsoft email ends up not receiving the email at all. Please avoid using them.


Can I get a refund if my PCR test is positive?

There are no refunds in case of illness.


By registering to participate in Kiez Burn, what do I agree to?

  1. Actively contributing to the creation of this event. It is NOT a festival – you are expected to make the magic happen. Without you, there is no event.
  2. Adhere to the 11 Principles of Kiez Burn
  3. Read the Survival Guide (will be published soon)
  4. Join the Facebook group (by answering a question) join our telegram and sign up for the newsletter to get updates and communications related to the event
  5. Be radically responsible for your own participation, transport, food, etc
  6. Leave No Trace
  7. That you are 18 years or older. All participants 17 years and younger must be accompanied by their legal guardian.
  8. Use forms like Dreams, Workshops, and Kieze to express your interest to participate
  9. Feel encouraged to take a volunteer shift
  10. You will not bring your pet with you during the event


Can I buy tickets at the gate?

Absolutely not. We don’t sell tickets at the gate. If you don’t have a valid ticket upon arrival with your name on it and your ID, you will not be able to join Kiez Burn.


How many tickets can I buy?

You can only purchase one ticket per person and one ticket per email address. We will check, and you don’t want to be caught! (If you are buying tickets for children, this will be included in your ticket purchase).


What is Kiez Burn hygiene concept?

The hygiene concept is still being worked on and a lot depends on the local authorities and how the Covid situation develops towards August. At this stage the plan is that you need to present a negative pcr test result upon arrival. The costs of the test are carried by the participants, we are however working on finding solutions for the low income participants. The final requirements and hygiene concept will be communicated as soon as it’s finalised, closer to the event. We know this is not ideal but we are living in the times of uncertainty and doing our best to make Kiez Burn 2021 possible in the safest possible way. 

We all need to work together to secure our own and our co-burners health and safety. It’s strongly advised that all the participants pay very close attention to covid safety before the event and during the travel onsite. It’s also not recommended to leave the site during the event. If you have to leave the event, you will not be able to come back in. When available, getting the vaccination before the event protects you and the people around you.