Theme camps

🏕️ Starting a camp

What do I do with rubbish from my camp?

You need to take it with you. This is a leave no trace event.


How can I organise my camp?

Some existing camps have put together some camp resources that you may find useful.


How do I register my camp?

Please fill out the registration form to get your camp on the playa.


How do I place my camp?

When registering your camp, there are a series of questions that will assist the event planning team to place your camp. You may also work directly with them to ensure a good spot for you.


Do I have sound limitations?

You will need to register as a sound camp if you wish for your camp to be a sound camp. Yes, there are sound limitations. This will also affect your placement on the playa. Sound Registrations are now closed.


How many people can I have in my camp?

As many as you like.


How do I get power to my camp?

You will need to estimate and arrange power with the power lead.


Is there Kiez Burn storage?

Yes, if you wish to store your items are the event at the KB storage, please contact someone from the Orga team. There is an annual fee to store your camp items.

Talk 2021 Storage planning thread – new link coming soon


🏕️ Joining a camp

Do I need to join a camp?

In line with the principles of self-reliance & no commerce, there will be no food or drinks sold on site and centrally organized food is only for volunteers. By creating or joining a Kiez you can pool together resources to cook, organize drinks and create an amazing atmosphere with a group of like-minded people. Also by dividing the work you will still have loads of time, energy and resources for art projects, workshops, unicorn hunting, trampolines and maybe even a ball pen.


How can I find a camp to join?

If camps are open for new members, you can see what theme camp suits you and contact the lead.


What is a theme camp?

Camps (Kieze) are the heart of Kiez Burn.
They take care of some basic needs for their members, like bringing a kitchen for example.
They also bring and support the people that bring stages, sound systems, dreams experiences, etc.