The 2021 program

I want to put on a workshop. How do I register?

Registration is not yet open. Keep an eye on our newsletter to not miss deadlines! You can also return here frequently to check.


I am a DJ, How can I play?

Music at the event this year will be centrally organised amongst the sound camps. If you wish to play, a form will be up soon to connect to the music leads.


What kind of content is allowed at Kiez Burn?

The sky is the limit. Anything goes. We recommend the Jalapeño fisting workshop in particular. 5-star workshop facilitator. Brave participants.


What music can I play at Kiez Burn?

Only fast music. No downtempo. Faster Faster.


Where can I see the program?

It won’t be ready until the week before the event. Be patient 🙂