Is there power on-site?

Yes! Kiez Burn assigns a budget to rent generators and power cables to bring power to the site. The power plan is rolled out by the Power Lead and this person with the help of volunteers will make the installations during the build period (prior the event).


Can I use electric devices (kettles etc)?

We can  use powered kettles and coffee makers, we would even say its more sustainable than gas cookers since the generators run anyways (still camps need to pay a higer fee if they wish to use water cookers, hair dryers and so on). The power lead will do announcements about power limits. So far these devices with high power consumption haven’t been allowed as it may result in a sudden cut-off.


When does power arrive on site?

Big generators will be onsite the day before the event starts. One small generator is available during Build only to charge tools and communication radios for the Build crew. This is not to be used for individuals or camps.


I have a camp, how do we get power?

The power Lead will roll out a plan spotting the nearest power source to your camp, from there you have to make your own power grid/extensions depending on your own needs. Extra cables and adaptors are not provided by the Orga. Follow the power channel for more assistance. If you need power for building your camp, you will need to bring your own generator.


How is power estimated?

The power lead will open a sheet for all camp leads to fill in their peak power consumption. Don’t freak out, the lead will give you some guidelines, you only need to be precise on all elements that will need power electric in your camp. Keep in mind every camp pays its own power bill.