Kids at Kiez Burn

Can underage co-creators attend?

Yes, participants 17 and younger may attend as long as they are accompanied by a legal guardian. We encourage you to bring them, and they are free to attend – but they still need a kid ticket to have been registered by their legal guardian during their ticket purchase. While Kiez Burn brings out the kid in many adults, it is still primarily an adult atmosphere. Consider talking to your kids in advance about the kind of things they might see or hear, and discuss what they will and won’t be OK with.


Do you have activities that the kids can enjoy?

There are some activities and workshops that are kid-friendly at Kiez Burn. The program is not finalised until the week before the event.


Is there a camp I can connect with that has kids?

Yes, we have a kinder Kiez! They are returning again, and they are open to new camp members.


Are my kids safe at Kiez Burn?

The same applies at Kiez Burn as in the default world: always know where your child is. The Kiez Burn community is small and friendly, but we cannot predict the actions of everyone there. We can guarantee, however, that if anyone is subjected to inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour, it will be handled swiftly and respectfully.