Health and safety

🏥 First Aid

I have some health issues – is there medical support?

Practice Radical Self-reliance. Be responsible for yourself and your medical conditions. Remember to bring adequate supplies of any prescription medications. The First Aid station is not a pharmacy. We offer support in the face of problems you are unable to solve yourself.


🔥 Fire

Can I bring my fire toys?

Yes, you can, however, please follow the active rules, weather permitting. Seriously folks, don’t set the Gelände on fire!


How do we put out fires?

Each Kieze must have a fire extinguisher that they purchase and bring on site. There should be one within reach throughout the site.


I don’t have a camp, how do I cook food?

You will have to prepare your own food. Due to forest fire level and fire protection Free campers will NOT be allowed to bring and or use any of the following:

  • Gas cooker
  • Single burner
  • Gas stove
  • BBQ
  • any form of open fire

We are very serious about this and wonderers will check during the event. If you bring or use one of the mentioned we will have to ask you to leave the event. If you are part of a Kiez: your cooking set up needs to be part of a kitchen set up (not on the floor) and you need to have a fire extinguisher next to it.



🛡️ Security

Is there security?

Professional security will guide the outside parameters. The Rangers (our Kiez Burn Security Crew) will patrol 24/7 inside the parameters and handle flag and/or escalate issues following the security protocols.



What is consent?

Consent is an important topic within our community… so much so that we have added it to our principles.
Kiez Burn respects the liberties of all human beings.
Our community values respect for all of the individuals who create it. We honor the diversity of our community by respecting the boundaries of our fellow participants and obtaining enthusiastic consent for all of our interactions. We believe only YES means YES. Personal and camp boundaries must be respected at all times.
We are constantly evolving and improving our spaces to make them safer for all participants. If you have questions around consent, wish to join conversations, or take part in initiatives around this topic, hit us up on Talk. While you’re here, freshen up your memory on our principles!

🦠 Covid

What is Kiez Burn hygiene concept?

The hygiene concept is still being worked on and a lot depends on the local authorities and how the Covid situation develops towards August. 

We all need to work together to secure our own and our co-burners health and safety. It’s strongly advised that all the participants pay very close attention to covid safety before the event and during the travel onsite. It’s also not recommended to leave the site during the event. If you have to leave the event, you will not be able to come back in. When available, getting the vaccination before the event protects you and the people around you.