Free camping

What is free camping like?
Free camping is an open space where people can set up a tent and just camp. There is not alot of shade in this space. This is an area you will be totally self reliant, please bring everything you need to survive while you are free camping.


What cooking facilities can we use?
Due to forest fire level and fire protection you will NOT be allowed to bring and or use any of the following:

  • Gas cooker
  • Single burner
  • Gas stove
  • BBQ
  • any form of open fire

We are very serious about this and wonderers will check during the event. If you bring or use one of the mentioned we will have to ask you to leave the event. If you are part of a Kiez: your cooking set up needs to be part of a kitchen set up (not on the floor) and you need to have a fire extinguisher next to it.


What about cooking in campervans?
Build in stoves in campervans are fine as long as you have a fire extinguisher next to it.


Will there be power?
No power will be directed to free camping.


Where is the free camping?
Free camping is at the back of the gelände. its under a 5min walk to be into the centre of the event.


How far away are the toilets?
There will be toilets in the free camping area.