First time guide

This is my first time going to a burn. Where can i get all the information I need?

We have a survival guide, just for you!


Is Kiez Burn a festival?

Kiez Burn is not a festival. We’re a decentralised and volunteer organisation. Kiez burn is a blank canvas to fill with all the fun and fantastic things you could ever imagine. A lot of energy goes into making it happen, and nobody gets paid. We do it for the love of our community and our imagination.
It is a social experiment where each attending individual is not just a guest, but a participant, bringing their unique potential to create something extraordinary together. Therefore, Kiez Burn needs YOU! Kiez Burn is entirely envisioned, organised, and created by volunteers. Check out the Participate section to find out how you can get involved in bringing Kiez Burn to life.


Is Kiez Burn the same as Burning Man?

Kiez burn is inspired by Burning Man. We have similar, but our own principles. We are not (yet) an official Burning Man event.


What is ‘Leave No Trace’?

Leave no Trace (LNT) is a set of outdoor ethics that we use to respect the space we create. We leave the space as we found it.


What is MOOP?

MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, a convenient way of referring to anything that is not originally of the land on which our event takes place.


What should I pack?

There is a packing list in the survival guide. We suggest you read it.


How do I survive?

That is entirely your responsibility.


How long is the duration of the event?

5 days event, with 5 days of build prior and 2 days of pack-down (strike).


What’s this about no money?

Kiez Burn is a no-commerce event. It is one of our principles. Nothing will be sold during the event and you aren’t allowed to sell things when you’re there. We encourage you to explore the principles of a commerce-free system.


Can I take pictures?

We would like to keep a liberal photography policy providing the photographer respects photographic boundaries. Not everyone wants to have every moment captured and immortalised on film! Ask before taking any photos & video! You must also confirm permission to use the photo/video as you so wish, e.g. publish on a blog or video-sharing platform. We are lucky to have very talented photographers in our community who provide us with photographic gifts for months following our burn. We ask you to practice immediacy during your burn but you have the choice and freedom to choose those moments to capture as you desire.
Please practice common sense and consent before being ‘snap-happy’! No photographs or videos taken during the event may be used for commercial purposes. If you have questions, please contact


Can I wear glitter?

No. Glitter is considered MOOP.


Can I use a video camera?



Can I fly a drone?