Kieze (Camps)

Kiez (German pronunciation: [ˈkiːts]) (also: Kietz) is a German word that refers to a city neighbourhood, a relatively small community within a larger town. The word is mainly used in Berlin and northern Germany. Similar quarters are called Veedel in Cologne and Grätzl in Vienna.

The neighbourhoods of Berlin give it its character; so do the camps at Burns.

Kieze (camps) are an integral part of the burn culture. They are the perfect way to come together with like-minded people to create and share together. Perhaps you would like to participate in a relaxation centre with other yogis, or create a sound space for yourself and other music lovers? Kieze are organised collectives built around a theme or a common passion, enabling you and your fellow Kiez-mates to bring community and collaboration to the event on a larger scale, via your own autonomy.

There will be no commerce on site. The principle of radical self-reliance means you have to bring everything you could possibly need for the long weekend of fun, self-expression, learning and community with you to site (food, drinks, tents, chill out spaces, workshops, art, entertainment, clean up). Your Kiez is your place to create in your own vision, express yourself!

We use Talk to gather all the useful info and where you can answer further questions. Get wise here.

There is a Kiez Burn Kieze Organizers Facebook group, for those creating, planning to, or consider creating a Kiez for Kiez Burn. Some of us are coming for the first time and some for the many-th time, hopefully we can each share our tips, pricings for key resources or materials or at the very least identify whose camp we want to crash and find the whiskey and least generic techno.