What is Build?

Build is 1-5 days prior to the event where all structures are built up. Camps build their camps and the Orga makes all installations like power water, toilets, etc. If you join a camp and want to participate in building it up, then you must coordinate that with your own camp. But if you wanna take part in the Orga Build, the signup period will start upon ticket sales. You must have a ticket and of course, be onsite before the event starts.


Do we have access to tools?

We do have a toolhaus lead! We just don’t know which tools will be rented yet until the build plan is finalised. Priority will be the orga build but as soon as tools are available the orga can lend tools if all goes well. Supporting the camps as much as we can.


Do I have to register to be onsite before the event starts?

Yes, you register eventually so to have access only if you are meant to build your camp or participate in the general build. To party on-site, you must wait until the event starts. There is limited capacity to have participants on-site before the event starts (liability reasons) so please do not take the place of others that intend to work.

  • Early entrance permit form coming soon


When does build start?

Build is 1-5 days prior to the event. It begins the Friday before the event.


Can I enter and park my van onsite?

During build cars are allowed on-site. During the event, all cars must be removed from the site. There is a car park, you can park it there. You will need to register your vehicle prior to entering the site. Registrations are currently closed but check back here for the link soon.


Are there power generators during build?

For the Orga team, yes. For the camp build, no.


Is there a bus for early build arrival?

There could be a “Build Bus”. If you wish to make that a reality, you could be transport lead.