Arts & Activities

Kiez Burn hosts art installations, interactive projects, workshops and performances – and can support you in making any of these projects a reality. Each year, we funnel part of the ticketing budget into Art Grants, which are made available for the purpose of partially funding specific art projects at Kiez Burn. The grants are awarded primarily for interactive art, although you are welcome to bring projects that you do not need an art grant for.

Art Grants

Art includes things that make Kiez Burn better, more interactive and more beautiful. Things like installations, art cars, musical and dance performances, and workshops can be included here. Kiez Burn is made by our community — if you think you have something to contribute, you probably do!

More information on Art Grants, including the application form, dates and deadlines can be found on the Art Grants Page.

Music & DJs

Last year, Kiez Burn hosted a central stage where DJs could play – this year we are supporting our Kieze (camps) by hosting a centralized DJ form.

People who register interest in DJing at Kiez Burn will be added to a centralized form, and Kieze (camp) Leads will be given access to the form to directly contact DJs whose music fits with their camp.

Learn more and apply by scrolling down to the DJ Form on this page.

Do you have any questions? Contact us at