Art (Dreams)

What are Dreams?

We call artists, dreamers, and Art, dreams. Become familiar with this terminology.


How and when do I vote for dreams?

Each purchased ticket to Kiezburn is allocated 20 tokens to vote for the Dream projects for the event. Please join the telegram channel or the social media channels to be notified when this will be announced. When this happens go to Dreams Platform to allocate your tokens to your favourite Dreams!



How do I register to bring dreams to Kiez Burn?

The Dreams team would like to invite you to submit your proposal for funding for art/ workshops/ communal spaces/ performances/ interactive experiences at Kiez Burn 2021. Yay!! As the number of participants is uncertain, potential Dreamers should understand: No Dreams budget is guaranteed; the total could be anywhere between 100€ – €15K, if the burn happens at all.

Voting may need to happen very quickly once ticket sales begin. Dreamers may only have a month- or even less- to organise/create their Dream, once the amount of their grant funding is finally certain…


How do I apply for a dream?

If your Dream project needs funding, there is a process. you will need to register your dream. It will then go onto the dreams platform and be voted by the rest of the community to be funded and be on site.

📌…If that’s all good, feel free to first review the Dreamers Manual.

📌… and then register and write your Dream grant application on the Dreams Platform

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 All Dreamers are encouraged to post their dreams, even those who aren’t seeking funding (for exposure/ free advertising).


What is next after I apply?

After you apply, you will be assigned a Dream guide. Someone who will help you get the project across the line and also assist with any funding questions.


Who should I talk to if I have specific questions about my dream project? (water/power/ flat surface/ hills)

A dream guide will be assigned to you and your project after registering your dream. This person will contact you and take you through the process. However, please do read the Manual for dreamers to learn more about Dreams, what we fund and what we don’t.


Can my dream project be based on fire?

Dreams that want to burn are susceptible to conditions outside of our control – if we have a Feuerbrand warning of 3 or above, we are not able to burn on-site. Please keep this in mind when submitting a proposal. Additionally, all projects that will be burned must do so within the parameters set forth by the Fire & Burn Lead.


What conditions should my dream be able to survive?

Lots of sun and high temperatures, in general, no strong winds or hostile conditions.


After the event, can I burn my dream project on-site so I don’t have to bring it home?

To burn is susceptible to conditions outside of our control – if we have a Feuerbrand warning of 3 or above, we are not able to burn on site. Please keep this in mind and find a way to take it with you.


After the event, can I donate my dream project to KB so I don’t have to bring it home?

That depends. We have storage but someone has to pay for it. Ask your dream guide.