After the event

Oh no, I’ve lost something!

What did you lose, darling? Your mind? Your soul? Your way? There is a Kiez Burn lost & found Facebook page. Go there and ask for help.


Do I need to stay for pack down?

No, you don’t. But it would be lovely if you could help.


Is there storage?

Yes, Kiez Burn has storage off-site. You will need to speak with the orga crew to arrange storage for yourself or your camp.


What do I do with my rubbish?

Please ensure you bring adequate rubbish and recycling bags. Please take responsibility for your own mess and set a good example to others – this is a LEAVE NO TRACE event.


I am owed money from Kiez Burn. Who do I speak to?

There is a finances thread and you can fill out the form and follow the instructions.


Can I burn stuff on-site?

This will depend on fire restrictions.