Kiez Burn 2021 – Get Involved!

Kiez Burn is organized entirely by volunteers!

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Something that helps make this event different from the rest is that the whole event is organised, created and populated entirely by volunteers who all buy a ticket! Every person coming to the event will have the opportunity to volunteer on more than one shift and it is HIGHLY encouraged. We can’t make it happen without you! Volunteering is the best way to participate, it helps you to get to know the community, build lasting relationships and feel like this is your event (because it is). Even if you are bringing a Kiez, art project, workshop or music there is always an opportunity to take on a shift.

There are many ways to participate. Be it by playing (live) music on the big stage or in camps, giving workshops, building art all over the festival grounds, or making a performance for the opening & closing ceremony.

Ways to Volunteer:

There are countless ways to get involved and they can be broken down to:

  • Pre-Event: Supporting org teams, artists, decorations, prep for build, …
  • Build: Building the structures, fluffing, lighting, art, …
  • During the Event: Rangers, gate, greeters, welfare, LNT, medics, fire assistants, sound, …
  • Strike: Taking everything down, LNT, fluffing, lighting, …

Everyone is a volunteer, and all volunteers need a ticket. More information on how to volunteer, see here!

Reality makers

Sign up with our Wild Rangers and make sure the Kiez Burn ecosystem is in balance. Help with coordinating and enabling Kiez Burn. Join our community platform “Talk” here

Dreamers & art projects

Enter the world of the Dreamers, the ones that will summon art into our Wild Hearts. The artists put their Dreams up for all to see and vote and the Guides help them accomplish the Dreams. Check out the Kiez Burn dreams/art projects here.

The Kiez Burn Dreams platform, where art projects and big dreams becomes a reality.

Workshops, performances & DJs

If the camps are the lifeblood of Kiez Burn, then the workshops, performances and events are the sweet summer songs… share YOUR song with as many folks as possible. More info to come…

Kiezers & Kiezmeisters

If you wish to start a camp or join other camps in the Wildlands, you’ll find here a place to speak with fellow colonizers. Join our community platform “Talk” here

Reality makers can be found on the Realities platform. There you can find who does what and what position might still be free!