Kiez Burn Event 2021

Everything you need to know about preparing for the Burn.

Where is Kiez Burn held?
Kiez Burn 2021 will hopefully take place depending on the corona restrictions at the beautiful site of Kulturgut Freiland, about 2hrs north of Berlin.


What do I need to get into the event?
You need 2 things:
– Your printed ticket or the pdf version on a device. We need to clearly see the ticket number and your name.
– A government-issued ID with a photo that matches the name on the ticket.
Anything else other than these 2 things will make us reject you at the door. Please don’t do this to us and to yourself and bring your ID.


What things will get me rejected at the entrance?
Instead of government-issued ID: student card, credit card, paper cutout, insurance card, some random piece of paper.
Instead of a printed ticket or pdf with ticket number and name: an email from a friend, a verbal transfer that didn’t happen on, some marbles.


Can I bring my pet?
There has been a trial consensus to have 5 dogs allowed at Kiez burn this year. If youre reading this, its probably too late to have your pup considered as one of those 5.


Are there showers?
Yes, there are outdoor showers. Woohooo!! and if you ask nicely someone will bathe you like the goddess you are. You will need to bring your own organic body wash, shampoo and conditioner, towel, and toiletries.


Is there water on Kiez Burn site?
Yes. It is drinkable. We do need to install our own pipes to distribute them across the site. That is part of the water team’s role.


Are there toilets?
Yes, lovely eco-ones. They don’t even smell that bad.


Can I swim in the water?

It is in the interest of the affected parties (which is currently the legal body responsible if someone drowns at the event) to take the rational and cautious choice of simply enforcing a “No-swimming in any lake policy”.

This means that in order to cool down, you will have to be really self-reliant. Remember there’s no lake on the real Playa, just sand and alkalized salt, we’ll survive the German summer heat. Bring a spray bottle and a handheld fan just in case.


What is the 2021 theme?

Forest of Arden

This fantasy forest from Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ serves as a temporary place of refuge from the default world! It is a place for meditation, self-discovery, and self-renewal and is a symbol of freedom. The Forest of Arden provides a place for forgiveness and mental healing to many, in which they come out of the falsehood of the world.

Cross-dressing and usurping gender norms are large themes, we see characters taking on new names and identities when they enter the forest. Within the the forest all they do is meet each other in turns, indulge in some stimulating conversation about their different problems and state of minds and, not least, sing songs and be joyful. The forest is arguably not just a place, but a state of mind, something which can be carried in the hearts and minds of those who’ve been touched by its magic.


Can I wear glitter?
No. it is considered MOOP.


Will my phone work?
There is limited signal on-site at Kiez Burn. In some places, you will find some. In the spirit of immediacy, put away your phone and immerse yourself in the shit show.


Can I be naked during the event?
One of the principles behind Kiez Burn is self-expression, so if part of your self-expression is nudity, people will accept that – and at the very least tolerate it! There are some people who are not as comfortable with nudity, and it’s important to be sensitive to that (during meal times, for example – and all kitchens require you to be clothed when cooking!). Please keep in mind there are also children in attendance also.