Consent & Accountability

Inclusivity at Kiez Burn

Kiez Burn strives to create inclusive events where anyone can feel welcome, free, and safe to experiment and express themselves. At any large event harm between participants can happen, and we’re no exception. Since Kiez Burn 2022, we’ve had a group specifically working to hold participants accountable for harm done, and help foster knowledge around consent and similar topics in the community.

We take reports from participants who’ve experienced harm at any of our events, in our community spaces, or where harm is experienced between two people who both hold tickets to the same event. Please see the following pages for more information about our work:

The Team

Anyone on this list may have insight into reports submitted via the Harm Reporting Form. Feel free to contact any one person on this list directly if you have questions, or do not want to use the form.



Veteran Kiez Burner – been on the bandwagon since the first year and actively participated in the community and the Kiez Burn e.V. ever since. Active in the Berlin sex positive scene. Passionate about consent education and making Kiez Burn community safe*r for all its members. Self employed designer and sexological bodyworker. Queer, pan and poly. Dog, cat and plant parent ❤️ Striving for sustainability in all aspects of life, love, power and freedom.

@hannamaija on Telegram.



I’m Olivia. I love graffiti and stickering! First Keiz Burn in 2021 and much prefer build over strike. Tyler the Creator was my most listened to artist of 2021

@oliviakhando on Telegram.



I’m Robyn, I also call myself Little Red Robyn Hood. First Kiezburn was 2021. I love Build and Strike, and making sure Welfare happens. I like listening, and taking time to mull things over. I also like making sufficiently advanced magic things.



Hi, I’m Alex. I’ve been with Kiez Burn since the beginning and helped found the Verein. I love how much playful growth this community and event provides, and want to facilitate as much of that as possible. Psychological security is very important to me, and I am glad to help us take continual steps toward a safer yet more enjoyable Burn 🙂

Contact: …