Realities is our organizational platform. It is a co-creative tool where we map all the Needs for the event to happen. 

The mapping allows volunteers to see where they can contribute, see the descriptions of the Needs, what Responsibilities these Needs entitles, and also, to sign up to become a Realizer.

Once you sign in on Realities (by providing your e-mail and name) you can add new Needs and add descriptions.

 Without signing in, you can only have access as a viewer.

Let’s get more into it…

Realities use these terminologies:


Needs can be understood also as “Roles” to be taken.  We call them Needs because we only list the Needs for the event so everyone can shape their role in Kiez Burn.

Each Need contains responsibilities with its own descriptions.  These can be modified as well as the whole mapping in general. However, make sure you understand how this tool works before making radical changes to it. Keep on reading…


That is the person that coordinates the efforts to Realize the Need.


A guide is someone who can help someone who volunteers to Realize the Need, Guides are usually people that have Realized it in the past.


There we provide useful information to fulfill that Need. This is based on past years and can vary in each event depending on how you wanna shape your role as a Realizer.


There we specify which Needs or Responsibilities are depending on each other with the goal of being able to identify which Realizers should be consulted before taking major decisions. 

Kiez burn articulates decentralized however, some areas depend on each other and we strive for having those working smoothly together. For more info about this, read How we work together at Kiez Burn.

How to become a Realizer?

Important to know is that every Need or Responsibility marked with a red dot, is free for you to take!

  • To sign up on Realities is very easy. After signing into the mapping tool, you only need to spot the Need you wish to take on and add your name on the Realizers field on the upright side.
  • If you are only interested in a specific responsibility within a Need, you can also sign up for that one, by clicking on the Responsibility and filling your name as a Realizer.

Realities 2021 is not yet online, for more info Join the planning group conversations on Talk.