Kiez Burn 2019 – Financial Report

Now that 2019 is over & we have checked & controlled the numbers several times, we can finally present you with our financial report! The below numbers are for the e.V., the Verein/Association enabling Kiez Burn and other Kiez Burn related events to take place!

There is only good news:

  • We did not make a loss! So we can invest this money in an even better 2020!
  • A record % of our expenditures went to art grants (18%)

Want to know how much we spent on Transport? How much we spent on site use? Check it out below. We only report on percentages, not total amounts. If you are interested in the exact amounts, please contact

Our Financial team is the ultimate “behind the scenes” enablers for KiezBurn – and it’s importance is often not recognized. A big shout out and THANK YOU to our amazing team from 2019 who spent many hours in front of spreadsheets and piles of receipts to keep our event going. Thank you Alex Cuthbertson & Nadja Fuhrmann! 



Site use

Although Power had a high expenditure (we spent around 8,3k€ on power), we were able to recuperate around 2,7k€ back on it (32%).


Gema & taxes… it hurts 🙁


Whereas Transport (of humans) was a big expenditure with 6,2k€, we managed to more than break-even on it, with a small gain of about 300€. Storage was paid for by Kieze with about 82% of the total. 


Only 73% of the revenue of the e.V. came from the ticket sale of the Kiez Burn event. Another 10% of revenue was offset by costs made for the event (e.g. storage, power & transport). The Decom (8%) and the Precom (7%) contributed substantially to the 2019 revenue. This money is earmarked for these two events in 2020. Besides the revenues of transport, power & storage, memberships contributed 1% of the total Kiez Burn e.V. revenue balance.