Kiez Burn 2019 – Census Results

First things first

We want to thank all those who filled out our official census. We always try to improve through your feedback, learn from our mistakes and shed light on the blind spots. That’s why your opinion matters. So much.

Of the 800-1000 participants, 314 answered the survey. This is statistically significant representative sample. Please keep in mind that some of the numbers here are estimates!

Here, is a fun presentation of the census, below the main points are summarized.

The Facts

Speaking of nationalities, 53% of the Burners came from Germany. This means that Germans overtook foreigners @Kiez Burn! Congratulations! The second most represented nation after Germany was USA with 8%, followed by United Kingdom (4%), Austria (3,5%), Spain, Italy & Australia (2%).

However, 85% of all participants live in Germany. And 77% of all Kiez Burners have lived in Berlin at some point in their lives.

English is the official language for KB communication, and for 77% that’s just their cup of tea. For another 21%, it was also a good choice. We’re sorry that the remaining 3% missed most of what was going on.

At the same time, we also see a shift towards more people knowing German. 68% of Kiez Burners speak German perfectly, although 11% do not know the language at all. Based on this, we should reconsider offering German versions of key communications.

In terms of gender identification, we saw a shift towards more male participation, more non-binary self-identification. We see representatives for all kinds of different sexual orientation and more who didn’t feel like sharing this info with us (and that’s okay!).

Speaking of which: Kiez Burn ‘19 took the Burn virginity of only 24% of the participants. Of the 76% that attended a burn before, for 79% of these, Kiez Burn was the burn that took their Burn virginity before. These new burners heard about Kiez Burn from friends or gossip on the street. Subsequently, survey respondants spent about 288€ on average at Kiez Burn.

The average Kiez Burner furthermore has an average age of 33. The most common education was a Masters Degree. We saw a lot of diversity in how people work, yet still most of the Kiez Burners, 36% work full time.

The average age was 33 while the average spending was 288€ (slightly more than 2 years ago). The Kiez Burn gospel is spread mainly by person-to-person contact.

Event participation

70% of Kiez Burn participants were part of a Kiez, with Kieze having on average 27 mates on board. An overwhelming majority of Kieze would come back again next year. YAY!

We again saw a big portion of the attendees participating in some way or another. What is striking is the number of people that were involved in bringing art or a performance. A big thanks as well to the many people that did on-site shifts, org leads and general build or strike. The event could not happen without you!

A big cheer up as well to the Monkey Kiez, elected as favorite area of Kiez Burn 2019!

The people who took on responsibilities in general felt quite good abou tthe process. Crucially 93% of the realizers felt ownership and (incredibly) just shy of 3 quarters of the realizers would volunteer again for the same responsibility.

The opinions

The 3 technological pillars of the Kiez Burn organization do not have such a big fan-club. Dreams was perceived as useful by most. Talk however only gets a good 25-40% support, and Realities even less.

Most of you found our main communication channels, Facebook, Website, Newsletter, and Survival Guide at least somewhat useful. Particularly Facebook is very appreciated, but also the website, newsletters and in-person meetings are popular.

In terms of criticism, there were very strong voices that the noise levels were too high, but not that many people felt strongly about it. 25% of Kiez Burners would like to see more of us at the event, 27% would love to have a bit of a longer event. Also… 68% would like more art on the playa.

Key Learnings

Language & Diversity

  • Most attendees speak both English and German
    ==> IDEA: Perhaps we should language diversify.
  • We are a pretty homogenous group of hippies
    ==> IDEA: What can we do to attract different people.

Pre-Event & Communciation

  • Communication to attendees is getting better, but we need to keep it up not just for the event
    ==> IDEA: Monthly newsletters.
  • Communication to Kieze is getting better –> 75% said it was good or excellent
    ==> IDEA: It’s probably easier the second time around, but documentation for newbies would be nice.
  • Guides felt a little like they left their Realizers hanging without enough communication – and documentation remains a focus of people’s desires.
  • Realizers echoed this, but also say that they felt like they could make independent decisions (a big hurdle previously) and take ownership over their space.

On-site & Activities

  • There are more people free camping –> most cited freedom/independence or poor planning for this decision. Free campers wanted more clear marking of places to camp
    ==> IDEA: Have more signage.
    NOTE: Camps, for the most part, loved their locations, except those next to sound camps
  • Our 11th Principle Consent was upheld for the most part –> 90% report no serious violations
    ==> IDEA: Continued education and awareness necessary.
  • 65% of attendees did NOT know there was a way to report problematic behavior, but 99% knew about services that could help them like Rangers, First Aid and Welfare.
  • 68% of attendees would like more art on the playa.
  • MOOP: 99% of attendees knew what it was, and that they were responsible for every piece of it.
  • Noise overall was better this year, but there were a few camps that had lots to say about how much it sucked for them (Blanket Fort & Kinder Kiez). Also, lots of people feel the need to talk about how much they hate techno.

Reflections & Impressions

  • 45% of participants felt like Kiez Burn made positive changes in their daily life after the event – mostly with positive vibes and more friends.
  • Lots of amazing suggestions on how to make Kiez burn better (we asked) – and less than 5% of suggestions came with solutions or ownership.

We’re looking forward to making Kiez Burn 2020 an even greater experience for all of us!