Kiez Burn 2017 census & financial report

Now that 2017 is over, we can finally present you with our financial report! The main news is that we are on a small plus! Well done everybody. We are also happy to say that over 10% of our budget went to Art Grants – any money left on our account goes directly into Art Grants for 2018. Want to know how much we spent on Transport? Public Works? Check it out below.

Our Financial team (this year The Bank) is the ultimate “behind the scenes” enablers for KiezBurn – and it’s importance is often not recognized. A big shout out and THANK YOU to our amazing team from 2017 who spent many hours in front of spreadsheets and piles of receipts to keep our event going. And, a warm Willkommen to the new team, who are already kicking ass to get an even bigger and better Bank ready for 2018.

Kiez Burn 2017 recap: Census results

First things first

We want to thank all those who filled out our official census. We always try to improve through your feedback, learn from our mistakes and shed light on the blind spots. That’s why your opinion matters. So much.

Of the 450 participants, 98 answered the survey. The results can always be higher, and for a first-year event, we feel that this is a representative sample. Please keep in mind that some of the numbers here are estimates!


The Facts

Speaking of nationalities, 41% of the Burners came from Germany. This means that the majority are foreigners… typical to Berlin! The second most represented nation after Germany was USA with 14.4%, followed by UK (6.74%), Poland (4.49%), Netherlands (4.49%), Israel (4.49%), Spain (3.37%), Italy (3.37%), France (3.37%), Romania (2.25%), Brazil (2.25%), Austria (2.25%), and Australia (2.25%). However, 88% of all participants live in Germany.



There was an equal division between female and male participants (we even had a 1% of “humans”!) and representatives for all kinds of different sexual orientations… including some who didn’t feel like sharing this info with us (and that’s okay!).


Speaking of which: Kiez Burn ‘17 took the Burn virginity of 39% of the participants. Still, 72% of the Burners volunteered before the event and 21% were part of the KB organization team.


The average age was 34 while the average spending was 264€, with someone spending only 50€ (and someone up to 2,000€).


English is the official language for KB communication, and for 84% that’s just their cup of tea. For another 15%, it was also a good choice. We’re sorry that the remaining 1% missed most of what was going on. Based on this we’re planning for 2018 to again do all communications about KB in English. If you feel that offering German versions (or other languages!) would help to make our event more accessible, please let us know!

The opinions

Most of you found our main communication channels, Facebook, Website, Newsletter, and Survival Guide at least somewhat useful.


The clearest criticism was noise levels – only 27% of the participants felt it was just right, while the vast majority felt noise levels were either a little too loud (51%) or way too loud (18%). We can already announce – next year we will manage this better, either by having quiet hours or by planning & marking quiet areas as part of site planning


Another constructive criticism appeared to be the amount of art – while 63% of the participants were happy with the art at the event, 77% wish there was even more. 71% of the Burners found out about the event from other Burners and friends… word of mouth is the way to go!


Regarding the number of attendees, 71% thought that the amount was just right, while 29% felt it was too few. Reading this, we are looking into a small growth for 2018. Another thing we are planning to change is extending KB ‘18 by another day, as 51% thought it was too short, while 49% felt it was just right. An extra day should enable more breathing space, and would also increase the need for volunteers. We have no doubt that our amazing community will come through and cover all the required shifts, just like they did this year.

In fact, our Gate, Greeters, and Rangers receive very good ratings. Welfare and the Kiez Burn Bus did even better in the survey. This is a great opportunity to send a massive THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered before, during and after the event!

We’re looking forward to making Kiez Burn 2018 an even greater experience for all of us!
Wishing you all a merry Xmas and a happy new year 🙂