Power guidelines

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Questions? https://www.loomio.org/d/OtzXbZnc/-power-planning-

 We are the badass aliens giving you power after you dig your own dang powerlines safely under the ground. If you  dare use our power for an electrical stove to secretly warm your tea with electricity instead of gas, we’ll come have you dig some more power lines and give you spankings or power outages, depending on our mood. But fridges and fairy lights and music, you can run on our lines, in fact, we insist (unless you generate your own power, in which case we love you). That is, if your location is not too far from our generators.

The sooner you request power, the more likely you will be to get power

Follow the below guidelines and you will likely be all powered up for Kiez Burn 2018. Do not follow these guidelines and you will suffer from severe underplugging

oh, and from every camp we need one person for 4-6 hours for digging the power cables
More info here