Kieze 2017

Kieze at Kiez Burn 2017


Camp Pyjamcakes

Camp Pyjamcakes was spawned out of the Lovelies community in Berlin. We are a bunch of sex-positive, consent driven, open-relationship enthusiasts who want to make everyone pancakes in our pyjamas…which sometimes might be invisible. Our Fortress will be a shaded cuddle space during the day, full of workshops and shenanigans. By night, no promises can be made.

Common food: Yes

Coin des ames perdues

Trop d’émotions en arrivant au forêt? Quelque fois on se sens isolé avec une âme perdue.
Un lieu ou les habitants du coin pourraient reposer leurs âmes en partagant les moments
de joie
de detresse
de chagrin
de pleurer
de rire.
Viens avec tes fragilités, tes blessures et le soleil dans ton coeur pour partager nos petits biscuits, notre vin et des moments de poesies sous l’ombre de la tente.
On va aussi travailler sur le project “Shrine of Lost Moments” pour Burningman 2017 et faire des petites pieces pour distribuer aux Burners.
Coeux qui veulent nous joindre: Nous serons present de vendredi au dimanche sans obligations, pas de “shift”, pas de cotisation de camp.

We are sharing moments of our lives.

Common food: No

Curious Magic Kiez

Scientists, Tricksters, psychologists, and all curious creatures are invited to join us. We will create some interactive science and magic-seeming experiences and hope to decorate it as a stylish mysterious and wondrous space, perhaps quite Victorian.

There will also be talks on Science and other Curiosities, and you area welcome to come to us and offer a talk, even if you’re not in the Kiez. Email us if you are interested in anything at all!

Common food: Maybe

Freiwilliger Feuerbaer

Restored Oldtimer Festival Fire truck that spits fire, bubbles and beats

Common food: No


We wanna hang out, relax and enjoy good conversations, workshop and food! We love electronic music! 🙂 We might be already full, but everybody is welcome to come over for workshops and fun! 😉

Common food: Yes

to join: email


We believe in pure creativity that may be a little dark sometime. We are going to have a small stage that people can express themselves on, even if the show is not the best one.

Common food: No

Just Being

Namaste lovely Burners, why not *just be* with us?

Your home-Kiez will be a colorful and energetic space as well as a cosy hideaway to retreat and hangout. The perfect balance.

Join us for wonderful daily Yoga and meditation sessions. Be in the moment with dancing, chanting or jamming together, host your own workshop, or build your artwork to blow everybody’s minds. Or maybe you’d like planning all the yummy veggie soul food for your Kiez family or make our Kiez the most magical with your special decoration ideas. Whatever you have in your sparkling mind to participate, we’d love to have you.

Common food: Yes


Raising the next generation of Native Burners….it takes a village, so don’t be shy, bring you kids and camp with us or just drop in and help us bring the kids into Burner culture. We’re going to be doing stuff that’s fun for Burners of all ages. Think face painting, think playing Twister, think making stuff. Also please drop by if you like reading aloud or kicking back and mellowing out while someone else is reading to your small group. What favorite old or new texts could you bring to share? Anybody out there who could be a kids’ yoga instructor? Any face painters or costume people looking for young apprentices? No other activities at 7:30am and you can’t sleep? Swing by…

Common food: TBD

Kinky School

“Kinky School” will be a place and space to learn, teach or just chill during the day; to get naughty, playful and adventurous during the night. The day will offer an early morning yoga, while the library-school will open for talks/discussions/games and serve as a chill space. During the evening/night it will turn into a “fungeon” which offers kinky workshops, BDSM-related activities, massages and much more. If you are not a Kinky School camp-member but you want to give a talk/activity/workshop or do a performance within our space – feel free to get in touch with us!

Common food: Yes

Kostüm Saloon

Kostüm Saloon is the central place for everyone to get fancy-prancy new costumes and make-up. Our camp will be a warm place of community, sparkly friends and good food. We already have 4-500 costumes which we will be lending out to participants for free during the event. We will have a make-up stand and, hopefully, a fantastic photo booth. In addition to that, we will also have a DJ booth, fashion shows and workshops (e.g. crafting, tutu making, cut-out party outfits).

When you join the camp, you will be expected to do a food shift and a costume dressing-up shift.

So get your fabulous costumes out and join us to become a member of our sparkly family!

Common food: Yes


We are a colorful, like-minded bunch of people from all over the world with different backgrounds who will contribute our various skills and individual personalities to the Burn – why not start an open Circus!

We are an “all-round” camp: workshops (Pois, Meteorhammer, Acrobatics, Fire Spinning, Levi stick, Hoop just to name some), music (different kind of DJs and performers) and we will create a cozy space with a lot of pillows, blankets and fairy lights to hang out. There will be simple kitchen/cooking area and some drinks and a simple shift system to organise community meals. Come play, fun, fair!

Common food: Yes

Photo Kiez

This will be a cozy photo camp. We will take photos and doing some art. We show art. There are already other photographers and me to take part of the camp. We are open for more people. Fee is unsure yet. But we will run a kitchen so there will be a fee. And we need water for all!

Common food: Yes

Sandy Biscuits

Sandy Biscuits hosts a colorful and relaxed daytime destination, where we love to chill together in the shade of our excellent Lean & Vibe lounging area, hosting anyone looking for some fine music & company. Come by and join us for some wiggles, our fun workshops and transcending art pieces. At night, we dress up and roam to meet all you beautiful souls.

Common food: Yes


We offer a soft, warm, fluffy space for exploration of the endless dimensions of sweetness : ) This is a place to slow down a little, soften, and find and share your own sweet presence. Our magic hut is a cosy chill-out space in its basic state, and will host workshops and surprise happenings during the burn. Let us enhance your own sweetness with shamanic chai or sensorial food offerings, play some tasty soundscapes for your ears. Let’s float in the warmth of hugging rituals, learn new ways to comfort the body and soul, and dream together about the sweetness of it all <3

Common food: Yes

Wörter Kiez

This is a Kiez that holds space for word exploration–in the many forms that that may take. We will run playful writing prompt sessions during the day to encourage people to write a poem/short short/explore a narrative or concept. We will also host lecture-style workshops (the only one planned so far is a sexual health/STI/communication, type workshop, but we are open to others). We would like to build a stage and a cozy Wohnzimmer space. It would be nice to have access to trees for hammocking and pillow fluffing so we can cozy up together to write during the WS events during the day. More concepts in development and particular wording up soon!

Common food: Maybe