Hey Folks, we are the new board!

We gathered one chilly weekend for a 2-day handover co-created session between the old Board members and new, with the purpose of gaining knowledge and wisdom, as well as aligning ideas.

We are very grateful to Franzi and Remy, who helped us by facilitating a whole day of great visioning sessions. We are very excited to bring this to life with all of you in this coming year. We would also like to say a big thank you to the old Board for having worked with us on the handover and providing tools to make the meeting fun and inspiring.

We are hoping to see you all soon working together into the fresh new Kiez Burn Talk Planning 2021 group.

Vision statements:

We will get to our Vision by working together consistently with trust, joy, and good communication to enable and support each other and the community.

Which will result in a  transformational and inspiring Burn coming from our engine, the community, along with immense personal growth by allowing for mistakes and taking risks.

We want to hand-over a great future for our Kiez Burn community, and be inspiring mentors for the next generation, while we are still burning bright.

Here we are:

We encourage you to take part in Talk, our official channel for Kiez Burn communications, where the new Kiez Burn planning will start soon. Feel free to communicate with the community if you have any other dreams you wish to co-create.

We are eager to work on many things, despite the current limitations of COVID. There is a lot to do and to co-create to help the community grow stronger and empowered, to be ready when this pandemic is over, to kick off the start of an amazing Burn! 

We got big smiles behind those facemasks!

This photo is from the General Assembly when we run the new board election on the 10th October of 2020. Find from left to right: Jan, Jan Christian, Alex, Alex C., Cris, Bee, Alejandro, Vero, and Mareike: