Kiez Burn

Welcome to Kiez Burn!

Kiez Burn is a non-profit event near Berlin that celebrates beauty and life in accordance with the 11 Kiez Burn Principles. It will take place on the 11th – 15th of August 2021 at a beautiful location, about 2 hours away from Berlin.

We are all aware of the challenges facing Germany and many other countries with COVID-19, and many of you have been asking how this impacts Kiez Burn.  Please go to  and join the conversations.

About Kiez Burn

Kiez Burn is not a festival. It is an event where each attending individual is not just a guest, but a participant, bringing their unique potential to create something extraordinary together. Therefore, Kiez Burn needs YOU! Kiez Burn is entirely envisioned, organised and created by volunteers. Check out the Get Involved section to find out how you can participate in bringing Kiez Burn to life.

You can find the latest information, or current discussions, in our Facebook group. Come in and meet the community!

Workshops, performances & DJs

If the camps are the lifeblood of Kiez Burn, then the workshops, performances and events are the sweet summer songs… share YOUR song with as many folks as possible. More info coming soon…

Dreamers & art projects

Enter the world of the Dreamers, the ones that will summon art into our Wild Hearts. The artists put their Dreams up for all to see and vote and the Guides help them accomplish the Dreams. Check out the Kiez Burn dreams/art projects here.

The Kiez Burn Dreams platform, where art projects and big dreams becomes a reality.

Reality makers

Sign up with our Wild Rangers and make sure the Kiez Burn ecosystem is in balance. Help with coordinating and enabling Kiez Burn. Join our community platform “Talk” here

Kiezers & Kiezmeisters

If you wish to start a camp or join other camps in the Wildlands, you’ll find here a place to speak with fellow colonizers on Talk. Hold tight! More information coming soon…

Reality makers can be found on the Realities platform. There you can find who does what and what position might still be free!