Kiez Burn: 20 to 24 June 2018

Welcome to Kiez Burn!

Kiez Burn is a non-profit event near Berlin that celebrates beauty and life in accordance with the 11 Kiez Burn Principles. The event will take place around summer solstice 2018 from Wednesday afternoon 20 June to Sunday evening 24 June.

As always, your festival needs YOU! Kiez Burn is entirely envisioned, organised and created by volunteers. Check out the Get Involved section to find out how you can participate in bringing Kiez Burn to life. You can find the latest information, or current discussions, on our Facebook group. Come in and meet the community!


Tickets cost 77,- Euro and were sold in March using a Lottery system. Your only chance to still find a ticket is by via a Ticket Transfers from another Burner – Full details in our Tickets FAQ!

Survival Guide

The Survival Guide has everything you need to know to survive & thrive at Kiez Burn. Download a copy here.

Bus Shuttles

We have bus shuttles leaving to the site morning/afternoon/evening on Wed 20 June, and returning to Berlin in the evening on Sun 24 June. More details on our Transport page – or you can purchase them via BurnerTickets:

Bus Ticket Purchase Page

Art grants

We dedicate a large part of our budget to interactive art. We believe in supporting members within the community and beyond to realize dreams and visions that are not limited by money. Particularly interactive art has the power to transform participants into active contributors within a creative process. If you have a dream waiting to be realized, do not hesitate, we want to support you: Apply for an art grant!

Kieze (aka camps)

Kieze (camps) are a great way to come together with like-minded people to create and share together. Perhaps you would like to participate in a relaxation centre with other yogis, or create a sound space for yourself and other music lovers? Kieze are organised collectives built around a theme or a common passion, enabling you and your fellow Kiez-mates to bring community and collaboration to the event on a larger scale, via your own autonomy. We want to support you in building, forming, finding a spot, power and so much more. Register or find your Dream-Kiez here!

New location for 2018!

We have an amazing new hilly location with 2 lakes and grassy planes.
Read more here about our location and how to get there!

Want to know more.. check out About Us.